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Skin Care for Adult Acne May Require Changes?

Skin Care for Adult Acne May Require Changes No One Told You About

As hormonal changes are considered to be a major cause of acne, many people associate break outs with the teen years. However, the millions of adults using medicated skin care products can attest that acne can strike anyone at any age. If you’re tired of battling skin problems you thought you left behind years ago, find out what else may be causing your acne and how natural skin care and a few dietary changes can help.
Statistics show that 25% of men and 50% of woman suffer from acne at some time in their adult life. In fact, according to some experts, adult acne is on the rise. Many dermatologists feel that acne is caused by hormonal deficiencies and imbalances even in adulthood. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the real problem is a combination of diet and chemicals.

How does your diet affect acne? Dermatologists recommended cutting out greasy foods, soft drinks, deserts and junk food as a matter of course. However, that’s not really taking things far enough. Basically, the trick is to stick to foods that are low on the glycemic index (GI) – which means they convert to blood sugar over a period of hours rather than minutes.

For example, while oatmeal may not fall into any of the acne-causing categories, old-fashioned oatmeal takes 25% longer to convert to blood sugar than the instant varieties. English muffins convert twice as fast as toast made out of pumpernickel bread. Baked potatoes convert 40% faster than boiled new potatoes. And a snack of pretzels converts five times faster than peanuts.
To find out more, check online for a list of foods that include their GI ratings.

Healthy Diets

The other major factor often overlooked is chemicals. Although dermatologists may recommend using skin care products for sensitive skin, again, this may not be enough. Skin care treatment designed for sensitive skin generally contains fewer or more gentle chemicals than other products, but they still have ingredients that can dry the skin. The dry skin then develops tiny cracks which can then become infected and cause pimples.

Again, the remedy is to take things a step further: Instead of sensitive skin care products, go for natural products that contain very few chemicals, and only those proven to not cause dry skin.
Also, you should always use a shielding lotion under make up and other skin care products. A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a new protective layer that keeps out chemicals and keeps in natural moisture. Shielding lotion will also keep out airborne environmental pollutants over which you have little control.

If you’re suffering from pimples, acne and other skin problems, give the low GI diet and natural skin care treatment route a try. Many people have found both to make a big difference in a short period of time. And don’t forget the shielding lotion!
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