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How medical I.D. jewelry to help people with severe Allergies

Alergia extraña / Strange allergy
Alergia extraña / Strange allergy (Photo credit: La Ignorancia Mata)
How medical I.D. jewelry to help people with severe Allergies

1. Severe allergies and Anaphylaxis 2. Skin allergies 3. 4 Respiratory allergies. Food allergy 5. Rubber/latex allergies 6. Allergies to the 7. Allergies to bee and Wasp stings
Not all reactions can be an allergic reaction, they can be of the following types of 3 reaction:
Allergy- It is a reaction produced by the immune system when it encounters a normally harmless substance. Sensitivity- An exaggeration of the normal side effects produced by contact with a substance. Intolerance- Where the substance causes unpleasant (such as diarrhea) symptoms for various reasons, but it does not involve the immune system.
(Source: choice of the NHS and Allergy UK).
An allergic reaction can be something of a nose that flows and stinging eyes which is often associated with the hay fever, breathing problems that may be associated with severe allergic reactions, also known as anaphylaxis, which can be fatal if not treated immediately.



How to manage allergies diagnosed?
There are many forms of treatments that can help, depending on the type of reaction and its effects.
Antihistamines - these can be made without prescription over the counter. If a member has a reaction, the immune system releases histamine which causes allergy symptoms. Antihistamines prevent symptoms of the reaction chain and block histamine release more in the system.
Emollients - are lotions and creams used for dry skin and eczema. Some may contain antibacterial chemicals to stop the infection in the lesion of the skin of itching, while others may contain a steroid to reduce inflammation. Emollients do not stop at the underlying cause; they are used to relieve the symptoms and that give you time to heal.
Steroids - used for the treatment of allergies are corticosteroids, which are similar to cortisol, which is produced by the body. By helping to reduce inflammation, where it is used in inhalers they are inhaled into the lungs and reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract that is the underlying question to asthma. Steroids play an important role in the treatment of a range of conditions, including allergies.
Application of steroids - this is when the steroid is applied directly on the affected area. In being targeted, it minimizes the possible side effects of treatment.
Systematic - treatments where is it drugs, sometimes steroid penetrates into all systems of the body. This treatment is good for severe allergic reactions, but is usually prescribed only when it is absolutely necessary.
Adrenaline (epinephrine) - is used as an emergency treatment for anaphylactic shock, when high levels of histamine and other substances are released in the body by an allergic reaction and cause respiratory difficulties and even loss of consciousness.
Other available treatments may include:
Antibiotics and inhibitors of calcineurin Cromoglicate anti-leukotrienes Anti-IgE drugs
Please note: this is information only. Please consult your GP if you are concerned.
How someone can help medical I.D. jewelry with severe allergies?
A medical identification bracelet or necklace is important for health care professionals and because it allows for the rapid identification of allergy of members and emergency help to deal with the drug suitable. People with food allergies may carry an Epi - pen, just in case they go into anaphylactic shock, which in severe cases can cause death. A medical identification bracelet or necklace would alert health professionals that the Member uses an Epi - pen for sudden severe allergic reactions and the location where it is stored.
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What do you know about medical alert jewellry?Do you use any?

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Keeping Your Children Safe
Kids medical alert bracelets are crucial if they have problems like allergies or asthma. For kids, especially for small ones, it can sometimes be hard to explain their medical condition, so when they are in school, at camp, on a field trip, or if they are visiting a friend, it’s very important for them to wear a medical alert bracelet.

This way, even when you are not around, you won’t have to worry because the other adults supervising your child will know about that medical condition.

Also, if your child has to go to the hospital and you are not there to let the doctors know everything about his or her state of health, a kids’ medical alert bracelet will do the job.

More Info On Medical Alerts
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•Medical Alert Charms
Medical alert charms are a practical and elegant way to protect yourself if you are a patient with special needs. If you suffer from a chronic disease, like diabetes or allergies,

Medical Alert Bracelets For Women – Balancing Fashion With Sense
There is nothing more important than your life and your health – and medical alert bracelets for women take care of both. If you suffer from a certain medical problem or a chronic disease,
•Medical Alert Bracelets For Kids
Medical Alert Bracelets for kids are a great way to conintue being a parent or guardian to a child without always being present. We all worry about our kids (it’s part of the job description)..
You Should Know About Personal Medical Alert Devices
A personal medical alert is an alarm that is made for senior citizens or those who may need emergency assistance to keep on their person. It is much more convenient than having to carry around ...

Types of Medical Alert Bracelets
There are different types of kids’ medical alert bracelets. You can get a bracelet featuring a medical alarm button. Thanks to this accessory, with just a push of a button your child will get the medical attention he or she needs.

The button is linked to a medical facility with trained specialists and you will also be informed that your child has a problem in just a few seconds after the button is pushed.

Condition or Allergy Specific Bracelets
Also, you can find kids’ medical alert bracelets with tags or charms. These bracelets will inform doctors, paramedics, and the other adults around your kid about his or her specific condition, whether is an allergy, asthma, or other medical problem.

Generally, teachers, instructors, trainers, etc., know the meaning of kids’ medical alert bracelets. However, when you take your child to a new place for the first time, you should let the adults know about the situation.

For example, if your child visits a friend for the first time or goes to a party in a new house, inform the adults about the situation; it’s extremely important especially if your child has food allergies. Kids medical alert bracelets are the best way to keep your child safe.

Custom Made & Hand Crafted Bracelets
Medical alert bracelets for kids no longer have to be the cause of angst for children concerned their tags will be the focus of their peer group.

Many medical alert bracelets are designed with a keen fashion sense and are true accessories in their own right, ranging from stylish charm bracelets, cute and colorful, and chunky or practical for the athletically minded.

There is a wide range of kids medical alert bracelets to chose from.

medical alarm medical alert jewelry medical alert bracelets childrens medical alert bracelets cute medical alert bracelets kids medical alert bracelets medical alert bracelets for kids personal medical alarm personal medical alert medical alert jewellery medical alert tags Recommendations
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  • my meme uses them i take care ofter a few times a week she has a necklace it only works to her mail box witch is about 1000 feet from her house so if you are not home it doesn't work you have a home base thats in your house if you press your butten it will say emergency and keep saying that then some one will come over the intercom in the home base to ask if you are ok and if you need help
    they give you a metal box that has a code to put a key to your house in, in case the door is locked and some one will come in to help if you press the butten acedently dont worrie there is a clear butten of you can wait till the person comes over the intercom and say that you are ok
    • 2 years ago
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