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Adam's Battle - with eczema - Health, Beauty, Breastfeeding

*Please be aware that I made this post not to disgust anyone or anything like that, just for the purpose of sharing information to other mothers or whoever who's having the same skin problem like my son- Thanks!
Adam doesn't have that severe eczema, Alhamdulillah! Never has any obvious redness or patches but he doesn't have a smooth clear skin either. If your eyes and sense of touch are not so particular (how can’t you not be when you are a mother, right?), you can spot his eczema. He likes to scratch, since he was 3 months old! It’s crazy! He’s my wolverineSince he reached two, I noticed that the eczema begins to lessen a little but something else came up
*only at the back of his body and few at the tummy and front areaKesian laa..Feels like soft sand paper :(I believe it’s Keratosis Pilaris (KP) which is another type of eczema. It looks like goose bumps. But Adam never gets to the condition where it gets reds and super itchy so I believe it’s mild KP. We brought him to see the doctor and the doctor said there is nothing to be worried about, maybe it’s the weather. It’s kind of heat rashes too? Maybe? Hmmm so I don’t know. From my readings, KP is not dangerous and not contagious so please mommies out there, don’t think my son will spread any skin problems to your child okay ;) *there are mothers who think like that you know!So sad*.-          “Keratosis pilaris is a common skin condition in which a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles”-          Called as ‘chicken skins’-          No ultimate cure, the skin is like that. Just need to moisture it which will soothe the skin and help the skin looks better-          Starts from toddler age 2 until adult, may fade slowly with age-          Improvement often takes months and the bumps are likely to come backFirst I switched from QV and Cetaphil to Aveeno Eczema Therapy Cream (not available in Malaysia). Had my friend helped me to ship it here but belum sampai. The one I’m currently using was from my sister who bought it through her friend gone overseas. I super love this cream. It works magically on Adam’s skin. But I also read that it has mineral oil/petrolatum so it’s not suitable in the long run but I also read some people rely on this mineral oil to keep the eczema away. Lain orang lain, I believe in that.
But recently (starting this week), I want try something new. Hope it works!

For Bath
Oath Bath Homemade

Wash: Buds eczema wash (blue)

For hands and legs: Continue with Aveeno Eczema Therapy since his hands and legs are quite clear from eczema.

For body (the one with KP): I dapped ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) using cotton balls on the skin right after bath and towel dried.

 Then I put on Moogoo MSM soothing Cream and let it dry and absorbed into the skin before putting clothes on. *Note: Vinegar is cold so my son always “nanak nanak, tejukkkk”.

For face: Sebamed Baby Face Cream . His face has always been cleared with eczema after 3 months old so I never use anything but this on his face :)

I don’t know it this will work for his chicken’s skin. Will let you know if it does ;)Can't hope too high but at least I'm trying

These are the things I ordered from a dear friend in Toledo. Thanks Balkhis! Really appreciate the effort J May Allah return your kindness.

p/S: Even though my son has eczema but he has a soft skin compare to other kids who don't put a lotion on, chewah! I never realized this until a friend of mine mentioned it. It’s true, there are few eczema spots (not obvious) but his overall skins are soft and very moist (Just because you can't see any eczema, doesn't mean the skin soft and moist and doesn't mean the child has eczema but the skin is not smooth, dry and cracked ). Maybe that’s because the mother consistently finding the right cream and spend hundreds of ringgits monthly for her son’s skin care and keeping his skin moist all the time. Fuhh, it's a lie if I say it's easy. I know I can't never give up and will try my best to provide Adam the best. 
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