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 Jeuirmine from Columbus, Ohio: "I have been suffering with Severe eczema for 7 years now. I have seen several different dermatologists which all offered me the same thing...the oral steriods, creams and even several expensive laser treatments.
Tried apple cider vinegar for around three days and after that my flare was almost gone!! I take 1 teaspoon straight in the morning, afternoon and night. Throughout the day I sip on a 16.9 ounce bottle of water with 2 teaspoons in it.
This has been such a dream come true for me and I think it will help anyone willing to give it a try!"
06/07/2008: Iram from Nelson, England replies: "Hi, Can someone please tell me if Aspall Cyder Vinegar is the same thing as Apple Cydar Vinegar. Its just that in my local stores i cant find Apple Cyder Vinegar , so i thought this product may be the same thing with a different nme, Your help much appreciated. Thnx"
EC: Looks like it according to this page: http://www.althealth.co.uk/product/details/aspall/cider_vinegar/1ltr/
02/21/2008: Judy N. from Fort Worth, TX: "I have suffered from eczema on the soles of my feet for 10 years. Three weeks ago I began taking a daily dose of 1 T of ACV in a few ounces of water with some stevia powder. The eczema has disappeared. I have spent hundreds of dollars on prescriptions from my dermatologist, but this is the only thing that has worked."

02/19/2008: Kenny from Strathclyde, Scotland: "I have been trying ACV for a while now and agree that it's great for improving metabolism and curbing apetite. I use supermarket bought organic ACV. However, for some time now (since before I started ACV), I've suffered red SPOTS/PIMPLES on the face/cheeks and on my head, and since I have little hair, it's particularly unsightly, I also had kind of FLAKEY SKIN on these areas, both would normally be quite itchy. I have recently taken to the topical application of ACV on these areas, speculatively. I have to say, in just a couple of days, the results are dramatic... I tilt the bottle onto a cotton pad a couple of times to saturate it, about the same size as a cosmetic make-up remover and wipe all over my face and head liberally, avoiding the eyes (cos it stings). I leave it on and repeat several times a day (just remember to wash the face with clean lukewarm water before you go out and pat it dry). The resulting effect is no redness, no flakey skin, just a taught, fresh-faced complexion. To compliment that, I have been taking daily sauna and steam bath treatments, interspersed with cold showers,excellent for a variety of conditions I'm sure, marvellous for the circulation, very invigorating and great for the skin, which I read here somewhere - is like the body's third kidney, and when in tip-top working condition, serves the body well to flush-out and detox the system. Try it!"

01/12/2008: Lenore from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin: "I'd always had bouts of eczema on my hands when I was under stress, but, for reasons unclear to me, I started to get it on my ears and forehead as well; it went on for months, and sometimes it looked like I had thick dandruff at the hairline. It was horrible. I tried all the usual prescription treatments, to no avail. I'd get a few days relief, then it would come back with a vengeance. So I figured, vinegar? Unlikely, but what do I have to lose? So I mixed 1/3 organic acv with 2/3 water in a spray bottle and misted the affected areas three times a day. And I started taking a tablespoon of undiluted acv each night. I first tried drinking it in a glass of water, but the taste was so horrible, I could scarcely manage half of it. So I got empty capsules and filled them, which was much less noxious an experience. The upshot, however, is that I'm flat-out amazed. Two weeks of this regimen, and the eczema is gone! The only other change I made was to put vaseline on those areas to keep them moist. Moreover, as an extra added bonus, I've lost 5 pounds. It's hard for me to believe that any of this would be a placebo effect; nothing else has even come close to working for me, no matter how much I hoped or believed it would. I'm so glad I found this site!"
05/02/2012: Cherbear from Venice, Fl replies: "What surprises me about vinegar taken internally, is that we are taught to ingest high pH foods, like watermelon. Still, I'd like to try it!"

12/01/2007: Steve from Lewiston, USA: "Those of you who use apple cider on your skin conditions, do you use it diluted on directly on your skin without diluting it? I have seb dermatitis on my face and have tried everything.....give advice please."
12/08/2009: Cynthia from Auckland, Nz replies: "I just dab it on my skin. I pour it in cap dip fingers in and rub it over skin. Rinse out cap when done. I leave it to dry. And use as often as needed - only once a day it seems for me sometimes twice if I get hot."
01/04/2012: Antes from Kelowna, Bc replies: "I came across a pharmacy site that recommends Milk of Magnesia, of all things. Hope this helps. Good luck!"

09/11/2007: Tracey from Parland, Texas: "My 5 month old son got contact dermatitis from a surface that had been sprayed with Lysol. He had it all over the backs of his thighs and on his toes & it was spreadind to other regoins as well. The Pedi prescribed an oral steroid and a steroid cream but I really didn't want to give him these strong chemicals. He said even with the meds it could take a couple of weeks to clear up. I found your site and tried apple cider vinegar instead of starting the steroids. That was yesterday and today it is almost cleared up. The redness and swelling are reduced by about 60% and some areas are already healrd. WOW! I had been using OTC hydrocortisone ointment and benadryl cream and they hadn't helped at all. I think it will be gone in a few more days!"

08/24/2007: J-M from San Jose, California, USA: "I've been using white distilled vinegar for my folliculitis to see if it might work. For about two weeks I've been immersing my legs in it for an hour each day. It appears to be helping, but until about 4 days ago, I've ran out of white distilled vinegar and so started to add apple cider vinegar. to get the vinegar all over my legs, I've been using my hands to splash it over the back of my legs and other areas where the vinegar does not go up to. (I've used a small bucket and just put my leg in it) I've noticed that my eczema on my hands are closing up. For a couple of years now, I've had eczema that would always be cracking and bleeding. At night when asleep I would scratch at my fingers and back of my hand. And even when I didn't scratch, the cracks wouldn't heal and thus I had hands that looked dry, cracked, and sorta bleeding. However the ACV has closed all the eczema spots and it looks to be healing nicely. It's only been 5 days, but I'm patient and I noticed that I don't scratch at night anymore. If you have ACV available, I suggest people with eczema try it for a week and see if their eczema closes up and is less itchy."

 08/15/2007: Lynne from Dayton, Ohio: "ACV cured my psoriasis on my scalp. I have been aflicted with psoriasis on my scalp for twenty years. I have tried more "remedies" than I care to count with little or no success. After reading about how people were helped by putting ACV on dry spots on the body I decided to try it on my scalp. I put undiluted ACV in a spray bottle and sprayed it on my scalp before going to bed. Within a few days I could see that the scales were getting thinner. In two weeks they are practically all gone! Even if the scales never fully go away, the ACV has made the scales easier for me to live with. By the way, ACV is better at drying up acne that any treatment on the market."

05/01/2007: leila from london, UK: "Hi, I was reading the page on apple cider vinegar and about the things that it has helped cure. I thought that i would add to the list, i have really bad eczema and hayfever and since i have started taking the apple cider tablets. My eczema has practically disappeared and i am taking less hayfever tablets i used to have to take one every day and if i did not i would have have an attack but now that does not happen. really weird and my digestion has also improved."

01/25/2007: Melissa from San Clemente, CA: "Thank you a million times over!! I found your website and have told all my friends about it. I had eczema on my finger about 5 months ago and it started out as two blisters and within 5 months and covered my whole finger and started on my hand. I went to a dermatologist and a conventional doctor and they both said that there was no cure for it and gave me cortisone, which didn't work. Within 2 weeks of using a spray bottle of 50/50 _______s vinegar/water every hour or two, & consuming 2 teaspoons of acv with a glass of water 2times a day, and stopping dairy products, it is completely gone!! And as a side effect I lost 2 dress sizes~~Can't thank this site enough!"

12/09/2006: Rita from Bridgeport, CT: "ACV cured rashes that I have problems with all the time with very sensitive skin. Just about everything breaks me out. So usually I go to the drug counter and get some hydrocortisone. OOps ! hope spelled it right. Well I had a rash that it just did not move or dry up. When I read that apple cider vinegar was good for a rash, I tried it, and immediately if not sooner it started to dry up the next couple of days, it was gone. Thanks! I will keep some apple cider vinegar around at all times. Now I am trying it for other things too."

03/23/2006: Jennifer from Wichita, KS: "OMG!!!! I am usually the one that never believes "this stuff will work", but I have tried everything to boost my energy levels, to diminish my mood swings, to curb my appetite, and to clear my skin,...and when I say everything, I mean it, until now. ACV is the cure ALL! There is nothing that it doesn't fix, from my large appetite to the weeds growing in my yard. I would take stock in this stuff! I have not experienced a a headache,(which I had daily for 12 years) in the last two weeks. I have lost 8 pounds in two weeks, My energy levels are through the roof, ( and with 4 kids it is important to keep those levels high:)) My skin and hair is fresher and silkier, without having to buy expensive shampoos and conditioners. My husband wont go near this stuff,...but I swear by it! I have my kids drinking it too, and I can tell a difference in their overall temperaments, their active levels are not extreme, they think clearer, nd for my youngest son who has Eczema, this is the only thing that has cleared him 100%, and we have put lots of money into soaps, lotions, and special diet needs for the last 3 years with him. Put a cup of ACV in his bath every night, towel him off and he is good to go, Before ACV , we would have to bathe him twice a day, once with soap, and the other just a water bath, and then lather him down with lotions and prescription creams. This has leveled him out and his skin is clear for the first time since birth. Now I don't have to bandage him up like a mummy when it gets really bad, because it simply is not there anymore!!!:) For ANYONE, with ANYTHING wrong with them,...this is the cure! I swear by ACV,...it has saved my family."
02/24/2008: Laurel from Hinesville, GA replies: "how many often do you bathe your son in avc bath. I know yopu said one cup in a tub of water. but do you do it every bath time or a week or what?"
07/05/2008: Alicia from Simi Valley, CA replies: "Just curious if the ACV caused any burning on the eczema rash when you put it in the bath water? Want to try it on my 3 year old but afraid of the burning."
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[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  07/16/2011: Sidra from Salem, Oregon: "Hi - First what a great resource this site is! Thank you so much! I have a question: I've been following EarthClinic for some months now and have found that the cure for candida has worked a near miracle. I had been suffering from it longer than I realized and only discovered how pervasive it was when I developed a persistent rash and eczema that nothing could cure. After 3months on the AVC/BS my eczema is gone, but I've had a troubling side effect from the beginning. My stools have gone from being normal and well-formed to extremely loose, basically passing water. At first I thought it was just part of the detox process, but it persisted. I started with 2 TBS ACV and 1/2 tsp BS in a full gals of water on an empty stomach once a day for 5 days on and 2 days off. I've gradually reduced the formula to 3 tsps. ACV and 1/8 tsp. BS thinking I might be taking too much. Still no change. I should mention I am a small, petite woman 98 - 100 lbs, so I generally reduce dosages recommended to compensate for my smaller size. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/06/2010: Sandra from St Philip, Barbados: "This is my story so far: I am 51 years old, born in London of black Barbadian parents. I relocated to Barbados in 2005. Up to that time I had a minor problem with ezcema, a few dark patches which did not occur until I reached 40 or thereabouts. I didn't worry about them but treated them with the ointment prescribed by the doctor. I noticed soon after living in Barbados that the patches of ezcema were increasing, becoming raised & itching like you wouldn't believe. I am now covered from head to toe, including palms & soles of my feet with these patches. I've tried the traditional route with the dermatologist, a herbal practioner & even acupunture with no real improvement.
I decided to do some internet investigation & read elsewhere that blackseed & coconut oil had helped others with skin problems. I have been using both oils as soon as I come out of the shower & during the day when my skin starts to dry out & tighten up in the office air conditioning. I saw signs of improvement & was encourages to do more research.
I found your site on 16th June 2010, bought the apple cider vinegar on 18th, along with the bicarbonate of soda & followed Ted's advice.
I have been using the 2 tblsps of acv & 1/2 tsp of bicarb each morning or evening. (because I get an immediate reaction of having to rush to the toilet I don't drink this on the mornings I have to go to work) I also apply the acv directly to my skin by way of a spray bottle plus my oil moisturizers as many times as I need. The acv burns but not enough to put me off. I also try to drink each morning lemon juice in a glass of hot water. I have to sweeten this as I find it impossible to drink otherwise.
At first my skin became very flaky, even drier & grey looking, which was alarming but I persevered, encouraged by my husband. I still itched badly too. But within a week the flakiness eased off & the greyness went away.
Nearly 3 weeks later I am very encouraged to see the change in my skin. The raised, thickened patches have flattened out & do not look so angry. The degree of itching has lessened somewhat but I am still itching, especially my palms. I am still covered from head to toe but I am optimistic & encouraged to continue my regime & see what happens.
I have to say BIG THANKS for earthclinic.com & the contributing stories & testimonials.
I will post another update in a couple of weeks."
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/20/2010: Bajan Sands from Union Hall, St Philip, Barbados replies: "This is Sandra from Barbados with an update. I have continued my quest for eczema relief. I changed up the routine a bit. Drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar was not working well for me as a daily option so I stick using it as "skin cleanser" after my showers each day & drinking only sometimes. I have also started to make my own body moisturizer, which is going very well.
My main ingredients being coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter & vegetable glycerin. I put other oils reputed to be beneficial to the skin as I feel like. I take some supplements too: probiotics, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil & also drink black seed oil, usually once daily. I'm keeping positive & I continue to see improvements. Some very small patches have become raised again, tiny in comparison to how they were, but when I work on these a bit more they tend to subside. I recently started treating the more stubborn patches with neem oil. I will watch & update my reactions in due course. My daughter who was visiting from London, told me within minutes of meeting her at the airport she could see a big difference in the look & feel of my my skin & wants a tub of the body cream for herself. I no longer scratch myself constantly all day long or in my sleep at nights. I do still itch but only sometimes. I no longer feel my skin is my enemy.
In a nutshell, I have to say big thanks, once again, to Earth Clinic who started me off on this discovery, given me hope when I really thought there was none. I will continue to tweak my routine according to how my skin performs, but for now acv, organic coconut oil based moisturizer plus a few supplements are doing a good job."
[NAY]  08/14/2009: Suzan from Hollywood, Fl: "Hi, I am 46 year old. I have born with eczema and allergy and ashma. long story, short I have tried everything out there, only hydrocortison cream and pills do little help. It is been two weeks that I have started 2 tbspoon apple cider vinager with 1/2 tspoon baking soda. The result is very itchy, red, swollen, painful skin. I also am taking acidophilus and flax seed oil. I have allergy to every thing and asthma. Please help I am very desperate. Thank you in advance."
08/16/2009: Tavora from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "Hi - I read a book called Green for Life and the author's daughter had cured her asthma w/ a drink (her mother create) called 'Green Smoothies'. The whole family are raw foodists but each (the author, her husband, and two children) had very significant health problems. By changing their diets and drinking 2-3 quarts (sometimes more) of green smoothies a day - all their health issues went away. The son even 'cured' his juvenile diabetes....(the author will recommend to drink at least 1 quart to start). For healing purposes - 2-3 gallons.
The smoothies may help with your asthma and tame your eczema. From what I know - dairy products are a huge trigger w/ eczema. But one other thing to consider for your asthma is Mullein tea. It is an expectorant and helps strengthen the respiratory system. Many blessings!"
10/03/2007: Ryan from Chicago, Illinois: "I have had EXCELLENT success with ACV (2tbs) and Baking Soda (1/4 tsp or so) in a glass of water three times per day especially upon waking. I also mix a small thermos with another two doses and sip it during the afternoon. I definitely find it energizing and the psoriasis/eczema (whatever it is -- apples/oranges) I've had on my elbows ever since an extended fast is clearing up PRONTO. I'm very excited. I think I'll be a lifelong devotee. Ted -- you're awesome. I'm also taking a bit of borax occasionally and experimenting with the sodium thiowhateveritis. Best of luck to everyone."
06/03/2007: Ed Davis from Wenatchee WA, USA: "Skin Care - Dry Scaly Patches: I had some dry scaly skin on my nose and about for an inch or so on either side of my nose. I have been using a mixture of ACV, Baking Soda, and Water for a about a week and a half. I use about 1/4 tablespoon of BS and ACV till the bubbling stops. then I add just enough water to complete filling a small cup About 3 inches high, 1/2 full. I wash my face with this and leave it on for about a minute and then rinse it off. My skin on my nose and by my nose is now very soft and is no longer dry. I also found that when shaving with a razor that this mixture lubricated my skin and I did not get any cuts. I pieced this mixture together from reading about several items from this site. I love earthclinic.com"


02/17/2011: Tasha from Windsor, Pennsylvania, Us: "Ok so here we go. It was brought to my attention that Apple Cider Vinegar works. My pops told me about this site and after reading everyones post I feel comfortable enough to give it a try. I just recently got diagnosed with eczema in the last two mths. My dermatologist put me on an oral steroid and an antibiotic. It cleared it up 100% in two days. When I ran out of the medication it had came back instantly. So I was on them two more times and now I'm not allowed to have them prescribed to me no more for health reasons. I've changed all my cleaning agents to dye free and frangrance free and also got a humidifier an nothing has worked. So I'm thanking you all for your feeds now and I'm gonna give this a try. I pray it'll work and I'll be back to post results again. I wish you all well."
02/17/2011: Hairguru from Closter, Nj Usa replies: "I just read here that u must speak up ur feelings... Repressed feelings and prob too much sugar. Ur just "burning up" perhaps??? :)"
02/18/2011: Kay from In The Valley, Ca replies: "In my experience, eczema is often times caused by something you are injesting. Lactose intolerance is the #1 thing I would look into. Also gluten intolerance (celiac disease) can erupt in a skin rash as well as bowel issues. I would try an elimination diet. Cut out all dairy and gluten from your diet for at least a month and see if there is any improvement. My daughter had eczema as a child and she had both of these intolerances. I wish you luck, I know this can be very uncomfortable. "
[NAY]  03/26/2011: Sasha from Kailua, Hawaii replies: "I am in my early-mid twenties. A few years ago I began to have eczema on my throat area and eyebrow/upper eyelid area. I started taking apple cider vinegar when I heard that it is alkalinizing although I didn't specifically have my eczema in mind, just general health. I started small, taking just a few drops in a glass of water every time I drank water and over the course of several months worked it up to one or two caps full of ACV. I did this for about a year religiously. During this time my eczema continued to get worse and at times it was so bad that I felt like I wanted to rip the skin off of my neck. I did a lot of scratching and it would bleed and weep fluid sometimes.
After about a year of taking ACV I slacked off and stopped taking it for about three months and it occured to me then that the eczema was gone! Was it a coincidence? I don't know, I wonder if I should have been taking it with baking soda, perhaps my body didn't have the reserves to convert the ACV to alkaline? Needless to say, I haven't taken ACV since then and also haven't had problems with eczema again until just two weeks ago (two or three years later). I've had a terrible cold for months and I think it's probably from my lowered immune system. I also have a urinary tract infection for which I have been taking baking soda and I'm curious to see if it will have any affect on my eczema. It is helping the UTI tremendously, but it's still too early to tell what affects it is having on the eczema, the eczema is continuing to get worse at this point but I am looking forward to a week or two from now to see what the results will be if any."


10/25/2009: Saphi from Toronto, Ontario Canada: "I was reading everyone's testimonials and it gave me hope that ACV would clear my eczema that I've had for so long (since when I was 14, I'm now 21)and was irritated that my doctor couldn't help clear it and all he ever gave me was steroids to slow it down...What I did was pour of ACV on a cotton ball (soak it) and rubbed it on the places where the eczema was. Because it stings so bad I had a bottle of Sweet Almond Oil and rubbed it on the same spot where the eczema was to immediately stop the stinging and help with the healing of the skin. You can get a small bottle health food stores for around $6, I know it's expensive but it's worth it. I did this for about a week and it cleared up my eczema. I also drink 2 tbsp. of ACV in bottle water daily (tastes bad but bear with it!) to kill the eczema bacteria inside my body."


02/12/2012: Paras from Louth, Drogheda, Ireland: "Hi guys, I have had eczema for a good part of five years. I'm sick and tired just like the rest of you guys.
stumbled across this site and saw the apple cider vinegar remedies. I ordered it online and it actually does work if you apple it more so then drink it. just get some Apple Cider Vinegar with same amount of water. soak it in cotton. Apply it on affected areas. it will sting at first but the sting dies soon.
Another thing I did to improve my eczema is drink plenty of water and take cold shower! Oh yeah and also try to avoid foods that flare up your eczema! Curry is a big no-no for me! The cold shower is the best method for me! It is ver effective and seems to me like my uncurable eczema is cured.
Just sharing with you guys because what it can be like having eczema..
hope u guys beat eczema!"


04/07/2008: Jaqi from Crofton, MD: "This is my first time writing a review and I REALLY need to start because I rely heavily on them! I'm 6-months pregnant and didn't want to resort to antibiotics orally which is the only thing that has ever worked for me in the past (Doxycycline). I've tried tons and tons of creams from prescription to homeopathic and NOTING has worked in the past for me topically. I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar and Psoriaflora Cream because of the reviews I read on this website. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to say that within only 1 week, it was completely gone!!! I can't even begin to say how thankful I am for finding this website and for the great reviews! As someone did mention, it definitely gets worse before it gets better. First it gets red and then it gets all dry and crusty and then it ALL peels off and is completely healed. Definitely try it!!!! I washed my face 2x daily with Cetaphil daily face wash and put on the Cetaphil cream at night so I didn't dry my face out completely. At night, I just took the vinegar, dabbed it on a cotton ball, and applied it directly to my face (you know it's working when it starts to almost bubble white). I waited for the vinegar to dry and then applied the Psoriaflora Cream ($10 at your local natural foods store). I actually applied the cream both day and night. Within a week- completely gone!"


[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  07/29/2010: Lyonya from Toronto, On: "I had a terrible eczema for more than 2 years on joints of my fingers. It was in a form of little bumps that started on the joints of index finger on both hands and with time spread around to other joints and also spread to the area near the finger nails. I apply (topically) apple cider vinegar whenever I have an itching episode and then, I apply a generic "baby rash" cream with 15% zinc. I also use propolis (bees wax) to prevent inflammation (I also used polysporin for the same reason). After ~ 2 weeks the eczema was essentially gone. But when I stop using ACV (apple cider vinegar) new patches appear and it takes 2 weeks to completely heal the infected region.
Remark: I noticed that when I regularly use ACV, even when I don't have an itching episode, the spread of the "bumps" stop and the infected area gets better."


[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  05/10/2010: Jean-marc from Gatineau, Canada: "I have chonic eczema and use lots of cortisone cream that helps controll it. My skin was in very bad shape this spring, especially the neck. I tried sodium bicabornate (half a cup in the bath) and after two days,the improvement was spectacular. No more itching at night, my skin is soft, the eczema is gone almost completely. I don't think this is a cure, but it certainly helped me a lot. Good luck to all!"
04/03/2006: Lorraine from Walnut Creek, CA: "Baking Soda on my face cured scaliness and little bumps as well as the itchiness. I just thought it was age so I started using baking soda to gently exfoliate my face every other day. It improved my skin dramatically! I found your site researching why my scalp, arms, torso and legs are so freaking itchy and believe they are all related. As I am highly allergic to most shampoos, I will be trying tea tree oil in some very gentle (baby) shampoo free of colorants, fragrances, cones and parabens on my scalp and baking soda in my body wash followed by bit of tea tree oil in my moisturizer for the rest of my poor itchy skin. (Ironically, my diet and nutrition is already spot on to your advice). I thought about using the baking soda on my scalp but I think it would be a hassle both getting it down to my scalp as well as rinsing it back off (I have very thick hair). If I could ever remember to do the ACV rinse, I am sure things would be better still. I have done this in the past and it leaves my hair very, very soft but seriously hate the smell."
05/16/2008: Vicki from San Jose, California replies: "I have a 1 year old with Eczema on her face and hands. I would like to know if the Baking Soda Scrub burns when Lorraine tried it. I want the redness and itchyness to go away.
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  1. Sash from Kailua: is it possible, becasue of where your rash was that is a symptom of histamine intolerance? Because in that case, act is quite high in histamines. If you drink tons of water and take the bicarbonate it might make a difference. I have been avoiding act for my eczema for the histamne reason, but now I've started taking it but taking tons of water and bicar too. So far so good.

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  3. Good sharing, for healthy purpose, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels. Read more at:

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